Latest Version 4.2

Download Here: XSPF Player v4.2

[Updated 08/26/2012] [VERSION 4.2]
** Updated Last.fm album art loader, with new API key.
** Fixed playback issue with single item (user wanting to load one mp3 file via song_url)
    (Thanks to Lucian for this catch).
** Altered Repeat and Shuffle buttons.

Download Here: XSPF Player v4.1 BETA

[Updated 06/04/2011] [VERSION 4.1]
** Album/Info area can now be changed to any user input text. Instead of just displaying
    "Artist Info", one can replace it with "Buy CD". (Thanks Debbie for the bug find!)
** Autoplay option was not working with autoresume. Corrected autoresume functions to allow      autoplay to run once during recent session. (Thanks Hein!)

Download Here: XSPF Player v4.0

[Updated 04/23/2011] [VERSION 4.0]
** Corrected info button function and display. (Thanks Borniol for the find!)

[Updated 04/05/2010] [VERSION 3.9]
** Fixed a few issues with autoresume function. Autoresume now remembers repeat & shuffle
     volume status, updates more quickly, and remembers pause status correctly.
** Fixed issue with loading bar not "stretching" correctly.
** Player is now pointing to new site's download location and default playlist.
** Amazon Image loader was not working due to new restrictions by Amazon. I am using Last.fm      image loader now.



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